Sunday, 21 December 2014

Ö is for Överraskningar

Överraskningar – surprises – can be pleasant or unpleasant. In this final letter of the Swedish alphabet, and being an optimist, I’ll focus on the former.

Yesterday was a day of pleasant surprises. One was being invited by a 5-year-old to sit next to him at lunch following Meeting for Worship. He had also climbed onto my lap during Meeting – which was quite a new experience for both of us. Another surprise came during lunch. All of a sudden I heard myself chink my glass with a fork, to attract attention. Out of my mouth came words of welcome to a brand new member of the Religious Society of Friends in Sweden. He was surprised too – pleasantly so I believe!

2014 has brought all kinds of surprises. These include being reunited with cousins in the UK, being approached for international Quaker service, being asked to serve again on the town’s education committee as an alternate, meetings with friends and family, a trip to Bangladesh on behalf of Quaker Service Sweden and a deepening of friendships with people there, not to mention beautiful walks in nature with poodle Irma and oohing and aahing at the stunning colours of a long mild autumn.

I wonder what surprises 2015 will bring? 

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