Wednesday, 23 July 2014

P is for Politiken

Politiken – Politics – is the last thing I imagined myself getting involved with. For years I thought that – had been steered into thinking – religion and politics didn’t really jive together. How misguided! In later years I am now discovering that they are extensions of each other. How do you talk about peace and justice and put your values into practice in abstract terms? Don’t you have to use your skills and gifts to help bring peace and justice and what you believe in about?

When I was invited to get involved in local politics in a practical way last autumn I decided to walk that path to see what it looked and felt like. Sure, as a politician you get a lot of stick from various quarters and you sometimes wonder whether anyone actually wants change for the better; or even change at all …. However, for me the path is leading in the right direction, and helping me to see that religion and politics – prayer and action – are totally intertwined. 

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